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Commercial Tile Installers Louisville KY

Looking for a stylish, creative, and impressive way to update or redecorate your property?

You’ve found it.

Commercial tile installation is the best answer for a beautiful, durable, and one-of-a-kind flooring. Our commercial tile installation provides quality floors for small businesses, real estate, and major company properties from Louisville to Nashville.

Tile flooring has increased in popularity year after year because of its reliance and adaptability. Our team of commercial installers works closely with you to determine the products, design, and style that works best for your space. We work with new construction and complete renovations to give you a space you can be proud of.

Choosing Tile

Tile floors have the most obvious benefits, which include its resilience and cost of maintenance. They are also allergy-free, easy to clean, and last decades longer than carpet.

Commercial tile installation gives you the option of custom, vibrant design and even using company logos and colors built right into the flooring to add to your building aesthetic.

Maintaining Tile Floors

If cleaned on a regular basis, tile flooring is considered the easiest type of floor for any building. Simply wipe it clean, that’s it. There’s no need to refinish, sand, wax, or shampoo. Daily cleaning helps to retaining its shine and increases the sheen.

Tile Installation Checklist

Tile floors come in nearly every shape and size imaginable. From a tiny 1-inch tile, to a large 24-inch pieces, tile choices depend on your design and taste. The most common tiles are squares between 12 and 18 inches.

It can also be cut and altered to create your ideal look. Our installation checklist makes it easy to cover your basis and satisfy both your style and your budget.

1. Select a Tile Type

Quarry: Quarry tile has a similar look and feel to traditional brick. It is natural, durable, and best used for commercial kitchens because it is slip resistant and practical for heavy spills and moisture.

Natural Stone: Granite, slate, limestone, and marble are all natural stone tiles. Natural stone is an exquisite choice for elegance and beauty, but is generally more expensive and need to be refinished with a sealant every two to three years because they are more porous.

Ceramic or Porcelain: This is the workhorse of tile, best for kitchens and bathrooms because it doesn’t absorb water very quickly. It is cost-effective, durable, and has a natural stain resistance. Ceramic tile can also be purchased in rough finishes to increase slip resistance.

Glass/Decorative/Mosaic: Mosaic tile is typically used as a decorative accent. It can be used for an entire floor, but the grout lines tend to make it look too busy for most spaces. The tiles are no bigger than a 2-inch square and this type of focal point captures and distributes light throughout the space beautifully.

Understanding Your PEI Rating: Every type of tile is given a PEI rating. This rating is the best way to choose the right type for the right location.

The lower the rating, the lower the usage recommendation. For example, a PEI rating of 1 should only be used in wall installation like a shower surround. PEI ratings of 5 are for heavy commercial foot traffic.

The PEI rating ensures the tile you choose has the strength to withstand everyday wear and tear.

2. Selecting Size, Color, and Style

Once you select your tile materials, it’s all about style.

Tile can be customized to be what you want it to be. You can have large, oversized slabs to fill a vast open space. Smaller pieces can be used as accents or focal points. They can be square, rectangular, or nearly any geometric shape you can imagine.

The size and style you choose can add value to your space, and customize it to fit your company image.

Color and Grout: Tiles may come in several colors, based on the material. Grout is the cement-based material used in between tiles and also comes in a variety of colors.

Our design team can help you find the perfect combination to fit your space. Light grout tends to highlight the color of the tile whereas dark grout tends to emphasize design. If you’re designing a high-traffic area, dark grout will hide dirt significantly better than light.

3. Installation Methods

Installing tile takes skill, patience, and attention to detail, which is why American Tile Company trains and employs their own installation crews. Other companies may hire third-party contractors for installation, but we use our own quality team to ensure each job is completed correctly from inception to completion.

Because our installation crews are our own employees, you have the peace of mind knowing that the quality of work we promise is the quality of work you’ll receive on installation day. Our crews treat every property with care and respect to give you a beautiful finished product.

Installation techniques may be slightly different based on both the materials and the design chosen, but most tile floors are started in the center of the room. This helps to ensure the finished floor is symmetrical.

Our team of professional commercial tile installers takes the time to ensure each measurement is correct and each cut is precise to deliver you a beautiful finished product.

Installation time varies greatly depending on the size of the space, we do our best to minimize business disruptions and get the job done quickly so you can continue business as usual as soon as possible.

Tile vs. Carpet

For most commercial spaces, flooring choices come down to two options: high-traffic commercial carpet or tile. These two materials are often comparable in price, and both provide adequate floor coverage, but provide significantly different benefits.

Durability: Tile wins in the durability department, hands down. Carpet starts to wear down the moment you put it in. Over time, carpet gets worse, not better. Ceramic flooring holds its beauty and its value for decades. It will look the same in ten years as it does the day it was installed.

Health: For commercial buildings, tile is actually a healthier choice. Carpet can hold on to dirt, mold, hair, pollen, and dust. Even with commercial carpet cleaning, it’s difficult to remove all particles from carpet, creating problems for those who have allergies or asthma.

Maintenance: Commercial carpet cleaning is an expensive and intrusive process that can be a time-consuming hassle. Ceramic flooring is easier to care for than carpet, just regular sweeping and mopping is all you need. Spills can easily be wiped up, leaving no residue or stains.

Style: There is nothing more beautiful than a properly laid well-designed ceramic tile floor. The color combinations, patterns and styles you can create are limited only by your own imagination and style.

Why Choose American Tile Company

American Tile Company is a family owned and operated business since 1967. We have built a reputation of quality products and unmatched customer service for over 40 years. As the most trusted tile professions in the area, we service industry, commercial, and institutional clients throughout Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Northern Tennessee.

In addition to commercial tile installation, we provide additional commercial services to give you a one-stop-shop for your commercial flooring needs. We provide professional tile cleaning, remodeling services as well as professional commercial restoration to bring new life into historic buildings.

We provide competitive pricing, honest service, and a reputation for quality work. If you’re ready to give your property a facelift, give us a call today.

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