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If your goal is to create a jaw-dropping, show-stopping, one-of-a-kind look, glass tile is the way to go. Absolutely stunning mosaics of color, shapes, and images can be created in any style under the sun. Glass mosaics are limited only by your imagination.

Decorative tile is often used a focal point on a backsplash or shower wall, but it can be used in any room of your property. It gives a sense of plentiful luxury and the elegance of a top scale spa retreat.

Decorative tile elevates any style, but that comes at a price.

Advantages of Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are different than any other type of ceramic or porcelain tile.

They are considered a “green” products because it takes roughly half the energy to produce glass tile than ceramic, and you can use recycled glass a well.

They can come in a variety of shapes, but most are square or rectangle used to strategically create a beautiful piece of functional art in your office or commercial property. Other advantages include:

Durability: This flooring option is extremely durable. They are resistant to stains, mildew and allergens and are easy to wipe clean.

Luminous: All except the darkest colors reflect lights, making it deliver a luminous appearance that makes any room seem to glow.

Variety: Versatility is one of the biggest selling points as it comes in nearly every color in the rainbow. There are so many options for color, design, and style that fit a variety of spaces.

Lifespan: It is very delicate to install, but nearly impossible to break when it’s done. It’s completely resistant to impact and wear. While glass is still susceptible to scratching, it will last for years without any need for repairs or maintenance.

Indoor/Outdoor: Glass tile is perfect for any indoor or outdoor space. It works perfectly in a bathroom or kitchen as well as a commercial patio or garden wall.

Disadvantages of Glass Tiles

There are a few drawbacks to using decorative tile or mosaics.

The biggest drawback is cost.
Glass tile and mosaic tile designs are more expensive because of the time and materials involved. It is definitely a higher-end finish, and an upscale look which increases the price.

Size: Typically, they are significantly smaller than other varieties, generally 1/2 =inch to 1-inch as opposed to larger 10, 12, or even 24-inch ceramic tile. This means more grout lines, longer installation time, and higher costs.

Installation: Installing glass tile is tricky because the tile itself is transparent, making it important that you don’t see the adhesive layers underneath. It requires the work of seasoned installation professionals who have experience working with glass mosaics.

In addition, because the tiles themselves are so much smaller, the installation process is generally more difficult and may take more time, which can increase the cost of the project.

Scratching: Because they are glass, they are susceptible to scratching, and the shiny surface shows fingerprints and footprints. Luckily, maintenance and cleaning are very easy but may require more frequent attention than other surfaces.

Under Foot: Glass can feel colder and more slippery than ceramic or porcelain, which is important for high traffic areas.

Invoking the elegance of pure luxury, these brilliant tiles instantly elevate the style and sophistication of any space. However, they can be a costly addition, and maintenance might be difficult.

That’s why glass tile is mostly used as an accent, or decorative element to elevate your space without breaking the bank (or your back).

Where Glass Tile Works Best

It all starts with a choice between solid or multicolored tiles. Solid colors are generally used to create a very specific pattern or image, whereas multicolored tiles give a more random and colorful mosaic appearance.

The colors, accents, and patterns can be used to accent an otherwise simple tile installation or take over the complete design of the entire room.

If you love the look of decorative tile or glass accents, consider these popular options for bathrooms, kitchens, and other commercial areas.

Bands and Borders: A decorative band or border can be added horizontally around a shower enclose, around a kitchen window, a bar cabinet, or create a border around the room with decorative tiles at the base and around the perimeter of a space.

Accent Wall: You can create a beautiful accent wall using mosaic tile to one entire wall in your kitchen, bath, or foyer. You can also do a smaller accent piece and tie it in with a wainscoting or larger tile surround.

Create Shapes: Colorful glass tiles are a beautiful way to create a pattern or shape in the center of the floor for an elegant foyer or hallway.

Faux Rug: You can use designs on the floor to create the illusion of a faux rug in a waiting room or conference space.

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