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Quarry tile has “roots” in the brick making industry.

They are not produced in a quarry, but instead are manufactured from a mixture of natural ingredients including clays, shales, and feldspar, similar to the materials used to make bricks.

They are formed and fired at a much higher firing temperature than bricks, resulting in a harder and more durable finish.

Quarry bricks are a natural and strong material that give a warm and beautiful result. They are also a very practical choice for a wide variety of applications in commercial tile installation.

Interior or Exterior

Quarry tile can be used for both interior and exterior applications. These kinds of tiles can withhold any kind of traffic, making them a popular choice for schools, malls, and other buildings with heavy foot traffic.

They are becoming more popular in residential applications as well because of their durability and warm tones.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

When sealed, these tiles are resistant to staining and grease, making them a good choice for commercial kitchens, fast-food places, bathrooms, etc. Because of their inherent texture, this flooring option provide a high degree of slip resistance and work well for providing additional safety.


These tiles aren’t available in all of the colors of the rainbow, but they can be found in a small variation of earthen tones, such as greys, browns, tans, and beige. The most popular and common color is red.

One of the main ingredients used to make quarry tiles is red clay, this is what gives it the brick-like appearance and color. This brick red shade is also the optimal color for hiding stains and is part of what gives this material it’s familiar charm.


Quarry tiles are very easy to clean, a simple sweep and mop on a daily basis are all you really need to keep them looking beautiful and new. It does not have to be sealed, but if it is left unsealed, it may be slightly more susceptible to stains from spills or grease.


This type of flooring option provides exceptional durability because it features low absorption rates. These tiles are often confused with clay terracotta, which is a porous material and does absorb water, but this tile is fired at high temperatures, making them nearly vitreous with an absorption rate of .5 to .3 percent, which is just below impervious.


It is often significantly less expensive than other flooring options, making it the most economical choice for commercial installation. It covers a larger area within a smaller budget.

The life expectancy and maintenance of quarry tile is almost the same as ceramic or porcelain options, making it a less expensive option for both installation and long-term savings.

Quarry Tile vs. Ceramic Tile

While both Quarry and Ceramic tiles are made from man-made processes baked to high temperatures, that is about all they have in common.

Production: Quarry tiles are made of red clay that is either hand- or machine-shaped and fired to extremely high temperatures, much higher than ceramic tiles. This makes them naturally dense and water resistant.

Ceramic tiles receive most of their water resistance from their top coat, or glaze, whereas the quarry tiles do not require this additional sealant.

Application: Quarry tiles can be installed on the walls but are most often used in floor tile applications only, whereas ceramic tiles work better for walls, backsplashes, and shower areas. Quarry tiles are thicker and tend to have more texture on the surface than their ceramic counterparts.

Maintenance: Both materials are easy to wipe clean and require very little ongoing maintenance.

Quarry Tile vs. Terra Cotta

Quarry tile and terra cotta are often mistaken for being the same product because they both have similar warm color patterns, but they are significantly different materials.

Production: Terracotta is fired at a lower temperature than quarry tile making it significantly softer. It is porous and more fragile than the robust and impervious characteristics of quarry tile.

Application: Usually terracotta and quarry floor tiles are found in kitchens, entrance hallways and in bathrooms. Terracotta must be treated to make it waterproof, and is generally not recommended for outdoor use.

Maintenance: If unsealed or treated, terracotta can stain easily whereas quarry tile is very easy to maintain. Once treated, both materials are easy to care for and wipe clean.

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