American Tile Company has been a valued subcontractor to The Lusk Group for over twenty years. They have completed over $5.5 million in contracts with us since 2000. This work includes multi-faceted tile and terrazzo applications in multiple states.

Their attention to workmanship and ability to meet client-driven, unrealistic schedules makes them our one-stop shop for critical projects.

They meet quality standards on US Army Corps of Engineer projects that others refuse to participate.

Wendell Goodman, The Lusk Group

American Tile has been a valued subcontractor working with our company since Vince Mattingly Sr. started the company. Each generation has carried on the company with the same integrity as Vince Sr. did when he operated the company. I have personally worked with American Tile since the late 1970’s and they have provided a good quality service for us. After almost 40 years we have always been satisfied with their effort and performance.

Ed Bergstrom Jr., Coupe Construction

American Tile is a top notch company and they have highly skilled installation mechanics that have been with them for many years. The work they produce is always high quality and they always go the extra mile to get the job done right.

The internal staff at American Tile makes my job very easy. They always give me plenty of time to get material in and their payment history is stellar.

I would highly recommend American Tile Company for any project big or small. They have the knowledge and the people to get the job done right every time.

Rick Just, Datile

American Tile, Inc. has been doing business with Louisville Tile Distributors since the late 1960’s. They are one of our largest, if not largest, customers we have in the Louisville market. American Tile conducts themselves in a business-like fashion that is professional, dependable, and honest.

We are proud to have them as a customer.

Al Williams, Louisville Tile

I have been associated with American Tile Company since 1972. I have had the pleasure of doing business with three generations of the Mattingly family as a supplier and as a competitor.

I worked for Mees Distributors, Inc., during which American Tile was my largest customer for approximately 17 years. They were always professional, friendly, and well-organized. They performed quality work and were my most reliable contractor during those years.

I left distributing to work in the installation business in 1989. Since that time, I have been a competitor of American Tile Co., but we have maintained a close business relationship. The Mattingly family has always been available to offer expert advice and even provide assistance on projects I needed help with during my early days in the installation business.

I hold everyone involved with American Tile in the highest esteem and would recommend them for any project with the utmost confidence.

Buddy Maraman, The Maraman Group, LLC

Over the past several years, we have had the pleasure of employing and working with American Tile Company. Vince and Bethany Mattingly have worked with us on various projects ranging in size from a bathroom remodel to completion of a seven-story hotel. No matter the size of the project, they have always fulfilled their contract and came in on budget and on time. Their crews are reliable and talented.

I would highly recommend American Tile Co. for your project.

Mark Campisano, MC & Associates, LLC

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